Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Public and the Private

On my way to the Wall Street/ Nassaust Street crossing at 2.00 pm 6th July 2007.

I have learnt to believe that there is a fine line that divides the private from the public. And in the same breath question myself on the obvious overlap.While walking through the Financial district I came across a small seating area where there were a large number of people either sipping coffee, waiting for others or simply using their cell phones. Most of them were in business suits probably on their lunch break. Did i mention most of them were using their cell guessing most of them were having private conversations in a public what becomes private and what remains public.

How would we explain the smoking signs that we see practically everyday, forbidding us to smoke in 'public' area. Being inside a building is private but a step outside of it would be public.

What surprised me when I got to the crosing of Wall Street is the physical divide between the Stock Exchange building and the remaining road. The road stiwched roles and became a 'casual' space for tourists. There were tables, chairs, there were children, flashes from cameras, dogs but hardly any people in business suits in that half of the road.

I dont know who defines the public from the private or visa versa...still trying to find out... Shahana Mehta

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chaitanyak said...

heh, good to see you still maintain a journal with stuff you collect.