Saturday, July 14, 2007

New York Experience

I visited New York City several time for business but did not remember much about Big Apple. I was juggling with serious business stuff and my family and did not have much chance to explore. But for the first time, I came here alone without portfolio and my heavy diaper bag.
I planed this summer in New York City for 6 years. (I know it sound strange but true) I have been struggling with motherhood and believe or not, my best textbook was “ What to expect when you’re expecting”. When I checked into the dorm room and met students from all around world, I started to shrink. How can I survive from all young, talented people? I was thinking that I came to Parson to get a confidence, not losing them.
Then first day of school, as soon as I entered the class, I was realized that I chose wrong class!!! It did not sound like colorful and fancy design course. When Laura explained about “Ethnography research” I had to open my dictionary. Eth…what? (I am sorry but I am not familiar with all these term even though my husband teaches Sociology. Who discuss with their husband about ethnography research anyway?)
Now, it’s been 2-week in New York City and my small black notebook is filled with research notes and ideas for my next art class, also for my portfolio.
As an art student who is slightly older than other student and who has a lack of imagination, this New York experience is really inspiring me . The places we went to and getting ideas from classmates is a great learning as well.
For the rest of the class, I want to keep learning and exploring as much I can. And try to be like my sons who have a lot of imagination and unlimited questions.
I hope you all have wonderful weekend and see you in class on Monday! - Sunyoung

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