Friday, July 13, 2007

Food Deployment Systems: From the streets to the MoMA

While visiting the MoMA, I decided to investigate how a modern art museum would approach the design of it’s restaurant. I didn’t stay to eat, but I found their ordering system quite interesting. Essentially you place your order, take a number, and place the number on your table. This negates the need for reservations and it allows servers to easily determine where the food is supposed to go.

What I find interesting is that a similar system was being used by entrepreneurial street vendors. For those of you who are unaware, every Monday night of the summer HBO puts on a movie that people are free to come and watch. Although the movie can’t begin until darkness, people fill up the park as early as 5pm. Here is a video that shows the scope of the events:

Street vendors will take peoples orders and then give them a balloon with a number on it. This makes their customers easy to spot from a distance and also allows them to sell more food. From the street to the MoMA, it’s interesting to see how effective system designs are put into action.

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