Friday, July 13, 2007

friday morning

What a week! Time is flying by, and the more I see, the more I feel like I haven't seen. I think the time will come to leave, and I'll still have a list of places I want to explore!

Yesterday we went to the Museum of New York City, which was fascinating. Photos of the building of major bridges that now connect the burroughs and Manhattan were works of art, in their own right, although their original purpose had been strictly documentary. A well produced short film explained the founding of the city, from the roots of the Dutch and their New Amsterdam. It was interesting to see how progress shaped the city, more than city planners sitting in their meeting halls.

There was much more to see in the museum: an exhibit on a Broadway costumer, a history on Jews in NYC, an old toy display with a dollhouse containing miniature works of art by modern artists of the early twentieth century. The Rockefeller rooms were on the top floor of the museum, and there was an interesting exhibit on the interior of New York City, which fascinated the historian and interior designer in me.

Now we're off to a Friday of more adventure and learning!


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